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9 deviants said VeinsI wish
my veins
of ocean blue
flowed not just
to my heart,
but to
yours too.
6 deviants said I Found A Time MachineI found a time machine
of this I must be sure
or something near enough 
to allow me 
a few more moments of happiness.
I found a time machine 
of this I must hope
else my bed has played 
a cruel trick on me.
I found a time machine
of this I believe
every time I close my eyes
I see you there beside me
your happy smile radiating
the joy you gave to me .
I found a time machine
this I know is true
and though it only lasts the night
disappearing once reality
decides to yet again curse me,
I want to find a way to keep you
to shelter you from the past 
that stole you away
and return you to my future,
to my present,
to my heart.
I found a time machine
to give me what I can't let go
but it only works for me
of this I've come to know
so since I can't bring you
3 deviants said Archaeologyi'm making galaxies in my coffee
because in bourbon i lose my buoyancy
stirring and stirring and stirring the stars subdued
in murky depths of half-lidded hues,
some trancelike world
that being
in between wake and wane,
an ethereal flame
stoked by hydrocarbons
(do not drink; toxic if ingested,
and propane (by the way)
is flammable)
the disjointed is fluid
the inky blackness in my cup
and the dripping mocha from the sky.
i am most aware
in the private hours of the morning,
when the rest of the diurnal life has closed its eyes to the worlds i see in their dreams,
when we have let go enough
of the somnambulance of the sun,
stripped down thin enough
to slip between the pillars of creation,
and blow bubbles through the eye of the needle
and settle restlessly enticed
entwined by the roots of the cosmos.
i've let go of myself,
let the dust mites munch on the faces that flake off,
atom by atom,
little bits of fluff that The Sculptor whittles away in corkscrews and puffs;
The Excavator brushes
3 deviants said The Heart Necklace A child sits numbly at a table 
the chairs across from him are empty.
Children race about around him 
and he watches as their attention dashes through him. 
He wears a heart necklace the red of a summer sunrise
and plays with it idly between his fingers. It can be split in two but it stays as one. 
Someday, I'll find someone to wear this with me 
He whispers, almost as if to console himself. 
A teenager sits meekly at a table 
the chairs across from him are empty. 
Other teens text and chat with their friends 
and he watches as one girl smiles at him with honey eyes. 
He wears a heart necklace the red of his blushing face 
and he plays with it idly between his fingers. It is split in two but both pieces are around his neck.
Someday, she may wear this with me 
He whispers, almost lost in his shy giggles.
A man sits proudly at a table 
the chair across from him sits a woman with honey eyes. 
Anyone else w
2 deviants said A Matter of ReasonA Matter of Reason
Interior, Lounge-room of House Day
Toby's house is full of Christian memorabilia, figurines and art works of Jesus are scattered across the spacious room. Bibles lay on top of various furnishings such as on top of the fireplace, coffee table and filling the entirety of a bookshelf. Idle chatter is heard off screen before the front door opens revealing the three characters Toby, Tony and John as they make themselves comfortable sitting on the couches around the coffee table.
So this is my place John, make yourself feel welcome okay?
Oh, thanks. Its quite a nice place you have here, very... spacious
Is there something wrong John? You seem a little distressed.
Well you see we have been doing the whole bible study thing together for a month and a half now and I
A month and a half now yes
Er well you see after all this time I have been thinking that maybe
Tony stands
That maybe I should fix us up some tea! Would any of you blokes like so
2 deviants said Winter Comes Swiftly - A Song For the ColdWhere, oh where the Winter blows
Precious time comes and goes
The seasons change, the years shall pass
Snow shall fade into water and grass
Come, come, all ye faithful come here
Gather 'round the song of church bells ringing so clear
Winter comes down from the mountain's abode
On a white down an ice-laden, stone-scattered road
She walks in ice and fire
With strength and pale desires
She comes to clad the world in white
She comes to bring an endless night
Where, oh where the Winter blows
Precious time comes and goes
The seasons change, the years shall pass
Snow shall fade into water and grass
Come, come, all the women and youthful
Gather 'round your torches and summer beautiful
Winter comes down in silver and wrath-filled
On a warpath to Autumn, to conquer lands once tilled
The wolves and men will howl all along
With the way she makes through forest and throng
She comes alone, with nowhere to guide
She comes for the weak, for all those who'll die
Where, oh where the Winter blows
2 deviants said infinityGraffiti knurls on my complexion;
arcane and tribal fissures
of medicine men.
My inveteracy
in a secret calendar.
Your eyes cradle in their cheeks
like new clouds in a glass
blandishing all in their radius
with promises of youth.
1 deviant said What It Means To Be A ParentWhat It Means To Be A Parent
Katherine Lee
While everyone says to truly understand what it means to be a parent
you won't understand until you are one.
But I am one.
They said they just looked into the eyes of their child and thought,
this is my baby, my child and I love him/her unconditionally.
I thought the same thing when holding that little ball of fur in my hands.
They say but you didn't give birth to yours.
But parents who adopt a child love them as their own.
You're suggesting adopted children are loved less? But their "parents" didn't look into the eyes of their child and think what we did.
Perhaps our capacity to love and understand is just greater than yours.
But they say pets are "just animals", they don't have feelings.
As a scientific reminder, humans are in the class animalia, meaning we are animals, so, we don't have feelings?
You say you don't have scientific proof they have feelings.
We say you don't have scientific proof that they don't.
They say "animals"
No deviants said The Moment Before.Some days I can’t even get out of bed
So I lay there in the shadows with the voices in my head
And they torment me with memories and things I had to choose
Somehow it ended up no matter what it is I lose
But I put on my best smile and nobody can tell
I’m not as happy as I seem, in fact, I’m doing well
I stare myself down in the mirror and thought I’d at least try
To make it through another day I tell another lie

I’m alright…

That’s exactly what I’ll say if anybody asks
I’m alright; I’m okay with living life behind these masks
Nobody has to worry because I’m obviously faking
I’m permanently stuck in the moment before breaking
I’m a pile of emotions all cluttered on the floor
With so much weight attached I can’t hold it anymore
But I’ve learned to live a lie and nobody can tell
That I’m just about to fall apart, In fact, I’m doing well.
No deviants said House of the Residents: Chapter 1CHAPTER 1: SYNTAX
“You and I will then scale the rooftop until we’re at the highest point.”
“Oh yeah? Then what’ll we do?”
“I think I know bird calls well enough to summon thousands of them-“
“You know the birds don’t like to come around here.”
“Yes, yes, but I’ll be able to convince them, trust me. Then we’ll ride them like a magic carpet out of here forever! I’ll finally show you a proper painting, too. How does that one sound, Erica?”
“It’s a fantastic idea, Prerita.”

Memories swept through Erica’s mind quick as a speeding car. There were so many stories to tell about Prerita, so many good things to say. But scanning over the faces that stood in front of her,  Erica noticed none of them seemed to care. Not that that was surprising. Prerita was another casualty, another one gone mad to them, another one who “hadn’t been strong enough



Tree of Life and the Diamond of Eternal Youth Prop by osiskars


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