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"All Art Support" means that we support all forms of:

:bulletgreen: Digital Art
:bulletgreen: Traditional Art
:bulletgreen: Photography
:bulletgreen: Artisan Crafts
:bulletgreen: Fan Art
:bulletgreen: Film & Animation
:bulletgreen: Fractal Art
:bulletgreen: Cartoons & Comics
:bulletgreen: Game Development Art
:bulletgreen: Wallpapers
:bulletgreen: Typography
:bulletgreen: Designs & Interfaces

"All Art Support" doesn't mean we accept every submission!

We do NOT accept:

:bulletred: Works without good quality (no visible details due to bad photographing/scanning, no artistic feeling, shaky lines - in drawings - due to lack of experience/concentration/made in a hurry etc).
:bulletred: Photomanipulations that don't have any credits (if the images are yours it should be clearly stated in the description)
:bulletred: Works that are blurry, smudged or poorly scanned.
:bulletred: Unfinished, WIP (work in progress), practice, sketches.
:bulletred: Snapshots that have no artistic value or use a bad technique (a common picture/snapshot of the sky/moon/animal etc), or pictures of yourself standing naked in front of a mirror.
:bulletred: Taking pictures of yourself, animals or landscapes without the elements of art or those that use a bad technique.
:bulletred: Art thieves - they will get banned from the group.
:bulletred: Religious and Political ideas.
:bulletred: Works that might be considered offensive in any way by other members (violence, injuries, dead animals, curses, racism, pornography etc).
:bulletred: Wallpapers that are in fact stolen images from Internet (with effects and text) or other artists.
:bulletred: Screenshot collages.
:bulletred: Plain written quotes that are submitted as Typography works.
:bulletred: Journals.
:bulletred: Resources and Stock Images.
:bulletred: Works that violate dA’s RuleS.

Quality Control:

:lightbulb: The group reserves the right to decline any work. Only submit your best artwork, not your entire gallery. Remember, our group's name is AllArtSupport, not AllArtAccepted!

:lightbulb: We accept works only from our members!

:lightbulb: With the increasing number of members and deviations added to the group, we established some quality control standards, so your inboxes will only receive relevant works.

:lightbulb: Please don't feel bad if your work is rejected, it has nothing to do with you personally.
There is no need to ask why your work has been declined, we are accepting 1 work per day on each folder - so we can't accept every one, as you may understand.
Submit again later and choose your best of a series, for example. Anyway any comments related to your submission should be on the deviation's Submission Process NOT on our front page.

If you have complaints or anything to say please send us a Note. It's much more appreciated than to leave comments on the front page.

Other groups you may like:

:iconthefavouriteshowcase: - Accepts all art (except Literature).

:iconglobal-photos: - Accepts all Photography and Photonanipulation.

:iconsoulcollectors: - Accepts all drawings and paintings on Traditional and Digitial Art

If you like contests and challenges pay attention to these groups.




Monthly Theme: FEBRUARY_COLOUR RED *CLOSED vote here thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

Accepted Medium: All visual media

Accepted works: old or new, 1 per week

Submission period: 1st February - 20th February

1st place - 130 Points
2nd place - 80 Points
3rd place - 50 Points
4th place - 25 Points

All info: thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:bulletgreen: Any donations to this group are very welcome

here :iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: (click on the stamp)



Monthly Theme: (?) vote the theme here…

Accepted Medium: All visual media

Accepted works: 1, old or new

Submission period: 1st March - 10th March

1st place - 40 Points
2nd place - 20 Points
3rd place - 10 Points

All info:…

Challenge COLOUR RED vote and win points!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 28, 2015, 7:00 AM




Hello dear members of TheFavouriteShowcase, friends and deviants,

This is the new way to find our winner of our monthly challenge at TheFavouriteShowcase: instead of using a Poll with the ten most voted of the period, we'll be using a blog to showcase the 20 MOST VOTED on this theme!

This means, or so I hope, more exposure for your pieces and galleries.

The idea is simple: each work has a number and all deviants have the opportunity to vote like if it was a poll...with the difference that you will choose not one but 3 favourites! 

All deviants may vote, INCLUSIVE who is participating; the participants may vote for themselves and ask friends and watchers to vote; this blog may have publicity by all means and be submitted in groups. 

The work with most votes wins 130 points;
the second place wins 80, the 3rd place wins 50 and the 4th wins 25 :points:.

These prizes can be updated for the next themes with the help of our friends.

You may also help by clicking on our stamp :iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: and making a donation.

Follow the RULES to VOTE...

EVERYONE VOTING and :+fav:ING THIS BLOG will enter a draw to win 10 :points:.
The participants may and should click the Favourite Button too - this will give you another chance to win more points!
And so you can have more possibilities to win I'll give 5 prizes of 10 points!

Vote and let your friends know about this voting!

NOTE: The participants who don't vote aren't eligible to win.

HERE thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U!  RULES to VOTE  Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! 

(read careful, it's very simple)
*everyone can participate, you don't have to be a member of TheFavouriteShowcase.

1. Choose your favourite 3 works from below;

2. See the correspondent number before the thumb? Comment on this blog by writing the numbers of your favourite works, like this:

39, 45, 67

You have 3 votes to give and you must give all the 3 votes, not 1, not 2, not 5 - it's 3 votes!
Comments with more or fewer votes will be ignored.

3. To have the possibility to win 10 :points: entering a draw, FAVE THIS BLOG!

4. You don't have to do anything else :thumbsup: 
This voting will be open exceptionally until the 2nd March (since february is very small :lol: ) and the winners will be announced on the 3rd March.
Anyway, the next theme will be open to submissions on the 1st March, as usual.

Thank you for participating!


1... fire by Lolita-Artz

 by Lolita-Artz


2... Rose square for the lady with rose icon by TheRafflesia

 by TheRafflesia


3... When the leaves turn red by Mogrianne

by Mogrianne


4... Red by beci-bumble

by beci-bumble


5... what have i done..... by Marl1nde

by Marl1nde


6... The Autumn Tree by doma22

by doma22


7... Dakini by Chicchan5

by Chicchan5


8... Leblos by PassionAndTheCamera

by PassionAndTheCamera


9... Red Beauty by Lolita-Artz

by Lolita-Artz


10... Coral's Tears by Brightsmile-didi

by Brightsmile-didi


11... Lady in Red by marphilhearts

by marphilhearts

12... ABBA by Badusev

by Badusev


13... Red Heart by StinkyCatsMom

by StinkyCatsMom


14... Through the snow by EvgenyAverin

by EvgenyAverin


15... Hoverfly on Poppy by JoannaMoory

by JoannaMoory


16... Amanita Muscaria IV by sahtanoj

by sahtanoj

17... Looking for love by kayaksailor

by kayaksailor

18... I Learn To Live Before I Die by sesam-is-open

by sesam-is-open


19... Valentine's Date    or     Honey Let's Not Go Out by lemgras330

by lemgras330

20... Hummingbird Flower by AmBr0

by AmBr0



Elsa, Egil21 :iconpinklilyplz: on behalf of  :iconthefavouriteshowcase:


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Susanae Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where can I add my submission to the "First sings of spring" Challenge? I can't find the Contribute button. Thanks!

A day without rain by Susanae
Egil21 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
The folder will be open tomorrow - the challenge always start on the 1st of the month.
aigirl4 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for featuring my cross stitch "flower cross stitch" in your examples of first signs of spring though it wasn't finished then, it is now and has been uploaded. Though will try to create a new one for this competition.
Egil21 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
It is really a pleasure to feature a bud, a flower, in traditional art, category crafts :nod:

If you like to participate, you may use an old work (since the submission period is just until the 10th) :)
aigirl4 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you I will try to upload something by then
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