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Interview with bmd247 :iconbmd247:

Thank you for taking your time with the interview for AllArtSupport. :heart:

AllArtSupport :bulletblack:  1. Tell us a few words about yourself.

bmd247 :bulletred:  I was born in the land of nomads in Mongolia. I started drawing at a young age, but never went to any art school. I had many ups and downs throughout my life as well as doing many different things. About year ago I've decided to pursue myself as an concept artist.
Soldier Girl by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 2. What is the story behind your nickname?

bmd247 :bulletred: I was a Bruce Lee fan and I was able to change my name during my teen years here in the States, also that it was easier for other people to call me.
knight by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 3. Which are the reasons you have made an account on Deviantart? Which are your expectation?

bmd247 :bulletred: I've been here for a long time and I wasn't for awhile as well. Improvement is probably the single big reason and wanting to share my stuff with the world as well. There are so many great artists here on DA, you truly get inspired, I guess you can say that its an inspiration land. I hope to inspire others as well.
Assassin Elegante by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 4. Could you name some of your favorite artists (painter, musicians, writers, etc)?

bmd247 :bulletred: Frank Frazetta, Kekai Kotaki, Artgerm, Hyojin Ahn, Feng Zhu to name a few. As of musicians I listen to whatever is good but Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd are just amazing. I don't know many writers, but watching the movies are fantastic.
Killer Girl by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 5. When and how did you start experimenting with your artistic side?

bmd247 :bulletred: Well I always loved drawing poses as of just in rough sketch, but I always experiment and try to find the faster way to produce artwork.
Fantasy Queen by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 6. What does “ART” mean to you?

bmd247 :bulletred:  Whatever you think is art is art.
Female Knight by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 7. What influences do you have ?

:devBruceMashbatAr: :bulletred:  I always seem to be judgmental towards my friends, they mostly accept what I say.
Rogue Concept by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 8. What inspires You?

bmd247 :bulletred: . I always seem to be judgmental towards my friends, they mostly accept what I say.
Rogue by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 9. What kind of equipment do you use?

bmd247 :bulletred:I use Wacom Intous 4.
Pepper Mage by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 10.  Of your own work, which has the most meaning to you and why?

IrinArt :bulletred: watchman finished by bmd247 This was the first digital work I ever did on a tablet, I guess there aren't much meaning in the image, but the sudden fantasy world meant alot. I have plans to improve and create more fantasy work towards this "watchman finished".
Aston Karsk by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 11. Which are your top 5 Favorite web pages

bmd247 :bulletred:Youtube, DA, Facebook, CGHub, Gnomon Workshop.
A Warrior by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 12. Your Quote?

bmd247 :bulletred:  Feel as you draw.
Fantasy Lady by bmd247
AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 13. What advice would you give to other Deviants?

bmd247 :bulletred:  Keep on practicing, but try to give some thought into the practice and what you are trying to gain by doing.

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 14.  Is there anything else you would like to add?

bmd247 :bulletred:  I would like to thank All Art Support for asking me questions. It's the first time I was interviewed and I was excited. So I would like to add keep on striving forward and that don't worry about negative things that happen in life because it effects you as an artist.

Thank you! :sun:

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