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Feature #2 DECEMBER 2012

Thu Dec 13, 2012, 8:02 AM by lintu47:iconlintu47:
We are excited to bring you another great selection from our gallery!

Searching for a New World by Ainhel:thumb342612284:Jennifer Lawrence by thewholehorizon
Commission:Fire Dance Hall by linnilover the bridge by Luckyten6 Tiny Rats ~ Crazy4ratties Commission by nEVEr-mor
:thumb342523493:stormy weather (island II) by ForrestBump:thumb342508859:
Mystic Forest by elariandTiger 3D in Photoshop by Vule76Darkness by trivostudio
Reindeer garden by RontoloTrumpet by mimi01danny bing by rudebimmer
:thumb342485772::thumb342351656:red or blue by SchastnySergey
Customizable Octopus Necklace by MetterschlingelDelicate by NOUF7Spider-Man 3 The Battle Within by Jansen34
Gruhak Band Photo by Bandur88forever by MacGreenKerli: The Bubblegoth Queen by Anna-Marine
Standstill by Saidge42Khaleed the Lion TCG by BaldravenReturn To Labyrinth-Movie Poster by VladislavPANtic
Water of Leith 10 by shadowfoxcreative The Eye of the Storm: PrologueThe weather in Arizona was always fairly constant throughout the year. Heat was present, of course, but after living there for so many years its easier to feel the air as a comforting warmth rather than a blistering oven. Our front yard was covered in brown grass. So was our neighbor's. More or less, the entire block, the entire city of Tucson, shrouded itself in brown grass or rough and grisly sand.
In retrospect, every place I'd seen in the area was that color of deep orange brown, as if the Red Rocks surrounded each square block of the city. Even now, thinking about the school buildings or the recreational swimming pools, everything seemed to bear the warm and muddy color of a penny.
Something should've ticked off the notion that my home was changing. It had never been perfect, but a comfortable place to live and a few good friends seemed to suffice.
Yet I knew something was wrong.
That day, in the Honda with my mom in the driver's seat, I saw the colors start to change.
We were jus
The Great Outdoors by Pervandr
A Fantasy Land by QAuZStand Out In A Crowd by goRillA-iNKCassiopeia by Kailyze
Old Soul Hydra by daydreamerincAura by Ace0fredspadesStorybook Horrors by Eydea
Devotion by YadavThyagarajHoly fountain by ShockowaffelButterfly by natasamakri
Donata's world by GranadaVectorFEAT by YUK-buitarprana by anastasiyacemetery
Fashion shoot by bwizzlethaking Snow AngelStars are quiet.
They don't say a word.
Snow whispers when it falls.
But so quietly no-one hears.
And like them, I am also quiet.
No-one is listening.
I lay myself down to the frozen ground.
Earth is sleeping.
Having one eye still open waiting for spring.
I have both of my eyes closed, but I am listening.
I hear nothing.
I start moving my hands slowly.
Snow rustles.
I notice my legs moving too.
Not in sync with my hands.
I made a snow angel. But I don't stand up to look at what I have made.
I keep lying inside the angel.
I am where no-one but the stars can see me.
And there.
There I am an angel.
An angel just by myself.
The cold pinches my cheeks but I feel warm.
When I finally stand up and start leaving home step by step it is already dark.
Fairies start lighting up lanterns to the tree branches.
As I am walking home in the deep snow, I have no wings.
As I am walking home in the deep snow, I don't have a beautiful gown on me.
Blue Death by Bea-Gonzalez
:thumb342136235:xxxHolic - The Laws of Nature by LadyRoseTeaHermione repaint by mary-vassilieva
August by Phur-eakSteampunk-Clockpunk Bugs 28 by dkart71Batman by Memed
Deff Dread - Warhammer 40K - papercraft by kotlesiuLonely by KrisVladWinters Promise - 2012 by akulla3D
Aristotle Got It Right"By nature,
  we are all political animals."
I deem this norm-owl, for my ears
listen in earnest dog-mantic predictions
which stretch out pass the fiscal cliff;
like an ELE-infant based upon distance.
Abandoning divinity for Maud-lien attempts
to reduce pressure through oppression - tense;
like a turtle shell. . . coral-lading communes
in prides of prancing ant-elopes.
'Tis his-story acquaint to the oystered-us
in speech, in skill and in pursuits of free. . .
dumb. Chirped from post-poaching sea-sons
hunting up for those who mar-sue, people.
Charlie fox-plot towards the pleasure
mauling - hue-main Hun-duress;
disowning. Rich, you-all for inclination,
the bare-inn, ripe with cent-impede. . .
  Petraeus, animals have linear currency
to the kings and queens of sanity.
Lana by polotentse
My world by pqphotography

Mature Content

Fu mar by AnnaDart
wind rose tattoo commission by Asfahani
Fruhstuck by pourquoi25Column Cyclops Portrait by Kimsuyeong81X-MAS by AleksCG
A Long Walk Home by Theinfamous414A flag in pearls! by Digital-SaintXmas Tree by amorphisss
Warehouse Power Reactor H-47 by NarandelImpression Meadow by McEvanSandwichTHE MOTHERSHIP by mrNepa
Live Faithfully by EmberblueScarlett Red by gurlsluvchocolateStare by mariannaphotographyCome, I Will Cure You by Suesanne

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