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Interview with cindy-drawings :iconcindy-drawings:

Thank you for taking your time with the interview for AllArtSupport. :heart:

AllArtSupport :bulletblack:  1. Tell us a few words about yourself.

cindy-drawings :bulletred: My name is Cindy, I am 18 years old, I live in Switzerland and I am a hobbyist self-taught artist.

''Nothing is true, everything is permitted'' by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 2. What is the story behind your nickname?

cindy-drawings :bulletred:This is not a big story behind my nickname. I only put my name and then "drawings" because my goal is to share my drawings on this website and it was a good way to resume why I am here.

Fernando Torres by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 3. Which are the reasons you have made an account on Deviantart? Which are your expectation?

cindy-drawings :bulletred:  Actually, I don't remember exactly because I subscribed on Deviantart at the age of 13 but I guess it was to share my drawings to people who come from different countries. I don't really have expectations, expect it is a great pleasure to find such great artists here.

'' We were born to die '' by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 4. Could you name some of your favorite artists (painter, musicians, writers, etc)?

cindy-drawings :bulletred: One of my favourite artist is Lana Del Rey at first, then I will say Lady Gaga and Avril Lavigne. Otherwise I don't have painters or writers that I appreciate enough to mention them.

Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 5. When and how did you start experimenting with your artistic side?

cindy-drawings :bulletred: I draw since I know how to use a pencil, but I started to draw portraits at the age of 12. One day, I only wanted to draw a portrait because I always used to draw animals like horses and I also wanted to improve my skills so that's it.

''The Harry Potter trio'' by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 6. What does “ART” mean to you?

cindy-drawings :bulletred: ART means a lot of things to me. I mean art can be seen in different ways like drawing, photography or music for example. It depends on each person. But for me, ART is simply drawing celebrities as I do.

'' Here Miss Watson '' by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 7. What influences do you have ?

cindy-drawings :bulletred:I am very influenced by skills of other artists on DeviantArt.

Adam G. Sevani by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 8. What inspires You?

cindy-drawings :bulletred: I am very inspired by artists who draw people or things so detailed.

Dean Winchester by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 9. What kind of equipment do you use?

cindy-drawings :bulletred: I use Canson A4 (also A3 & A5) paper, kneaded eraser, tissue & cotton buds, 0.5mm mechanical pencil, 4H to 9B pencils for black & white drawings. Coloured pencils for coloured drawings and I sometimes draw on a small sheet with a ballpoint pen.

Sam and Dean Winchester by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 10.  Of your own work, which has the most meaning to you and why?

cindy-drawings :bulletred:  I don't have ONE of my drawings which means more than the others. Actually all of them mean something to me. They belong to me in a way and this is probably why I don't want to sell them.

'' It all ends '' by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 11. Which are your top 5 Favorite web pages

cindy-drawings :bulletred:  Facebook, DeviantArt, Youtube, Stars-portraits and Skyrock.

'' And that's why I smile '' by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 12. Your Quote?

cindy-drawings :bulletred: Peace & Love.

Kristen Stewart by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 13. What advice would you give to other Deviants?

cindy-drawings :bulletred: The most important thing is to keep doing whatever we like and no matter what people say.

'' Back to black '' by cindy-drawings

AllArtSupport :bulletblack: 14.  Is there anything else you would like to add?

cindy-drawings :bulletred: Not really, expect that it was a great pleasure to ask your questions !

Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres by cindy-drawings

Thank you! :sun:

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